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Badly Chopped Carrots and Everyday Dinners

This is a title that sums up life! Badly Chopped Carrots and Everyday Dinners - we call it Badly Chopped Carrots for short - is the feel-good story of a Canadian who moves to live in rural Wales and gradually finds her way to make new friends and become part of the community.

Dr Anita Rogers Burrell is a counselling psychologist with a wealth of professional experience. Her positive outlook on life shows in her statement:

 “Life is like badly chopped carrots. Far from perfect chunks of equal length and breadth, badly chopped carrots are ragged, irregular, lumpy and bumpy. So too is life, with all its ups and downs, its sheer wonkiness.”

Through a love of the countryside, cooking, and painting, Anita got to know the 'locals' and the rural life. She even took up running at a very 'mature' age and is an active member of the Running Club. 

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There are lots of illustrations throughout, especially of well-known places in Ceredigion, plus recipes for every season of the year. A beautifully produced 'coffee table' book, this 1st Edition is a positive, uplifting memoir that is inspiring for us all. Great as a gift to yourself or someone you love.

And we loved the Book Review by Welsh Country magazine! 166 pages @ A4, full colour images

ISBN: 978-1-9998352-2-4 £25.00 (RRP £28.00) plus p&p

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A New Life Emerging from Early Retirement

Gary Evans took the step during his 50s to try and plan for Early Retirement. It meant that he and his wife had to think very carefully about what they wanted out of life, how they could get to enjoy their 'dream', and what the Pros/Cons would be.

Based on his experience, A New Life emerging from Early Retirement is the Go-To guide on how to plan for early retirement.

Step-by-step guidance on the critical things you need to consider, both from a personal and a family perspective. The good thing is, he actually achieved what he wanted, is enjoying his life outside the work environment, and knows that his approach works.

So if you are around the 50 age group, and want to seriously consider planning for the future, Gary's book will point you in the right direction.

Published late 2020 Large Print 108 pages @ A5

ISBN: 978-1-9998352-9-3 £9.95 plus p&p