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10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit

The title says it all - there are basic principles that will help you to manage risks in your business once the UK's withdrawal from the EU (Brexit) is complete. This is specifically aimed at small businesses where a Checklist approach will be the easiest to establish, and where there is no in-house "expert" or system in place.

As an expert on Health and Safety management in small firms (the basis of her PhD with Aston University), Dr Jacqueline Jeynes has written several books on risk management, presented papers at international conferences, and acted as Management Training Consultant in many UK manufacturing companies.

10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles is intended to help smaller firms establish a system that will help to identify and manage a range of risks that your business might face. As the Brexit situation changes, and given the current pandemic crisis, now must surely be the time to sit back and really think about what you can do to reduce risks.

The book outlines a range of potential risk areas for the business and repeats a series of questions against each of these risk areas. For example, for each risk area there will be Employment/ Legislative/Security/ Competitive/ Financial risk factors to consider. 

There are charts to help you identify potential risks around the business - although there are some case study examples, the charts will be specific to you. These are available to download free on our Extra Resources page - see the example below.


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So, whatever industry sector you operate in, this is a great way to establish your own in-house risk management system. 150 pages, 18cms by 26cms

ISBN: 978-0-9926100-8-1 £20.00 (RRP £24) plus p&p

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