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A New Life Emerging from Early Retirement

by Gary Evans

See the blog - is early retirement for you?

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Short summary of the book "Before Hiroshima: Forgotten Prisoners of War in Japan, Burma and the Far East" or order the book on Amazon UK (see link below)

October's free book - send a message by 24th October with "Carrots" as subject to be in the draw to receive a free copy of Anita's memoir "Badly Chopped Carrots"

Congratulations to Laura - the book is on its way!

Peg Loom Weaving: all you need to know to get started

This is the definitive How-To craft book on using a Peg Loom to weave textile designs using a range of materials. Ideal for any age group, or those with reduced dexterity, it is a simple process that takes up less room than a conventional loom.

Felt Making; all you need to know to get started

A companion book to the craft book on Peg Loom Weaving, this starts from the basics of 'wet felting' where fibres are set out and worked by hand until they shrink and matte together to form a piece of fabric. No special equipment needed and great for all ages. 

Badly Chopped Carrots & Everyday Dinners

An uplifting Memoir of a Canadian who moved to live in the rural county of Ceredigion, Wales. Anita will inspire you as you she talks of the things she did to become part of the local community, including lots of her seasonal recipes.

Before Hiroshima: Forgotten Prisoners of War in Japan, Burma and the Far East

Personal stories from POWs held by the Japanese during WWII, and from their families who were waiting for news of them. While the war ended in Europe in May 1945, it was still raging in the Far East until August 1945. With a brief history of events, it is a sobering account of the 'forgotten' POWs. Military History

Walking Wales: the Art Lover's Guide to Wye Valley Way

If you fancy taking up the challenge of a long-distance trek, this is the book to help you put it into practice. Wye Valley Way is 136 miles, from Chepstow to Plynlimon, and can be done in 15 days with careful planning. Tips to prepare and train, notes on B&B's along the way, plus old paintings of Welsh towns you pass through. Time for a challenge?!

10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles

Aimed at small firms with limited expertise in-house, this is the ideal Checklist approach to help you set up a system to identify, control, and manage a range of risks to the business. The charts and tables are also available to download free (see additional resources page) to help you work through the book.  

This is the practical guide to planning for early retirement, full of tips and suggestions from Gary to ensure you get the best out of your opportunities. All based on the author's experience so an ideal starting point for your life plan

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1st Newsletter July 2020

Our first Newsletter now published with featured author Dr Anita Rogers Burrell plus 10 tips on getting started writing non-fiction. 

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Future features

The next tips on writing non-fiction will cover questions like - "what exactly do you want the reader to know/ think/ feel after they have read your published work?" This will help us to keep the focus clear. 

newsletter 2, Open Book newsletter

2nd Newsletter August 2020

Open Book 2 features the Business Book "10 Ps of Managing Risks" as a straightforward Checklist approach to managing Health & Safety. 

Also check out the next list of pointers to help when you are writing non-fiction.

3rd Newsletter October 2020

Open Book 3 has lots of new features. 
- Chance to win a free copy of Anita's memoir "Badly Chopped Carrots".
- Featured books on Peg Loom Weaving and Felt Making
- Tips on structure for your writing, as a book/ article/blog using the Wallpaper approach

Time for a Virtual Book Fair

As we are still in some form of lock-down in 2020, many events have been cancelled including Book Fairs.

Instead of meeting up with you all, talking about the books and answering questions, (as well as taking card payments of course!) we will have to rely on our Virtual Book Fair.

So, look through the individual book pages which include  details about how to order, sign up for the Newsletter, and also use the Contact Form to ask any questions.

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Virtual Book Fair

What our customers are saying

The more I get to know you-little by little -the more I am utterly in awe at your extraordinary range and depth of talents and your generosity.

You make everything OK and possible.

I know how much work you have put into Badly Chopped Carrots. I want it to return to you a thousandfold what you have given.

Author Anita Rogers Burrell to our Editor, Dr Jacqueline Jeynes, on publication of her book 2019

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